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    USA  $4.99 USA Blu-ray sale-Best Buy

    Shop deals here
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    Worldwide  UK Boxset Blowout sale

    UK boxset blowout Thanks for supporting then HDN community with your deal hunting and shopping via links.
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    [UK]Boxset blowout sale!

    Hey Ninjas, Zavvi having a boxset blowout sale with some good deals, shipping internationally Thanks in advance for supporting the HDN community by shopping via links on the site. Good deal hunting, all!
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    Germany  4 for 30 EUR Blu-ray Sale
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    USA  $5.99 Blu-ray sale

    Shop titles here
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    USA  Amazon Anime Sale-Nov 29 only!

    Today only Tagging @apsmith21 in case any of interest. Ninjas, feel free to tag other Anime fans, too
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    USA  BOGO Blu-ray sale
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    France  Amazon FR Holiday Deals

    Cyber Monday deals here