bottleneck gallery

  1. digitalbabe

    Bottleneck Gallery The Predator (Art Print) (Bottleneck Gallery)

    "The Predator" Movie Poster Fine art print 16 x 24 inches Hand-numbered edition of 250 $45
  2. C2V3N

    Bottleneck Gallery Halloween by Matthew Peak

    Regular Screen print with spot varnish layer 24 x 36 inches Hand-numbered edition of 300 $50 Variant Screen print with spot varnish layer 24 x 36 inches Hand-numbered edition of 125 $60 Print will be available Tuesday (5/9) @ 12PM ET on!
  3. C2V3N

    Bottleneck Gallery Predator by Timothy Pittides

    Predator by Timothy Pittides. Size 24″ x 36″ Regular Ed of 100 Price: $45 5-color Screenprint Variant Ed of 50 Price: $55 5-color Screenprint w/ metallics On sale Friday, May 5th at 12pm Eastern (9am PDT) HERE.
  4. apsmith21

    Bottleneck Gallery Ikonescape Art Print Series (Star Wars) By Rory Kurtz

    On sale: Tuesday (5/05) @ 12PM ET on Rey Size: 13x19" Price: $55 Edition of: 325 Kylo Ren Size: 13x19" Price: $55 Edition of: 325
  5. C2V3N

    Bottleneck Gallery Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Grzegorz Domaradzki

    Artist: Gabz Regular 24 x 36 inches Hand-numbered timed edition $50 Variant 24 x 36 inches Hand-numbered edition of 250 $60 Both the timed and variant editions of the print will go on sale tomorrow (4/6) @ 12PM ET. The timed edition will run through Sunday, April 9th @ 11:59pm est. and we...
  6. C2V3N

    Bottleneck Gallery The Simpsons by Florey (with ACME Archives)

    A new officially licensed collaborative print release from Bottleneck Gallery and Dark Ink Art (ACME Archives). Artist: Florey Size: 18" x 24" Regular (Bottleneck) Edition: 200 Price: $40 (115 matching set of 3) Variant (ACME) Edition: 50 Price: $50 (145 matching set of 3) On sale...
  7. apsmith21

    Bottleneck Gallery Lord of the Rings (Trilogy?) by Matt Ferguson

    Work in progress, more info soon...
  8. apsmith21

    Bottleneck Gallery Predator by Matt Ferguson

    18" x 36" 7 colour screen print with metallic inks Regular edition of 300 for $50 Variant edition on wood in a limited edition of 20 for $200
  9. apsmith21

    Bottleneck Gallery My Neighbor Totoro by raid71

    Announcement next week!
  10. mllNY

    Bottleneck Gallery Star Wars: The Force Awakens by TBD

    Per Joe at Bottleneck this is upcoming, no more details yet
  11. C2V3N

    Bottleneck Gallery Jonesy aka Alien by Godmachine

    fyi Jonesy is Ripley's cat :) Artist: Godmachine Size: 18 x 24 Regular Edition: 125 Price: $40 Variant Pink Edition: 50 Price: $50 Varinat Red Edition: 50 Price: $50 All prints will go on sale at 12pm eastern on Thursday, March 3 at the link here.
  12. charlie1533pr

    Bottleneck Gallery Star Wars Triptych by Matt Ferguson

    Star Wars Saga triptych by Matt Ferguson Regular: 12" x 24" inches each and costs $100 through Sunday, Feb. 28th 11:59 pm EST Variant: edition of 225 which will cost $115 On Sale Thursday, Feb. 25th at 12 pm EST (9 am PST) HERE.
  13. mllNY

    Grey Matter Art [Bottleneck Gallery] Timothy Pittides Vices

    Demon In the Bottle by Timothy Pittides The 16 x 20 inch, 4 screen print with a metallic nickel border is printed by VGKids and will cost $25 each. Was a timed edition that ended, did anyone get one?
  14. TobinFrost

    Bottleneck Gallery “Star Wars” by Grzegorz Domaradzki

    Poster by Grzegorz Domaradzki 36"x24" screen print Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Both the 7-color regular and 6-color variant These prints will go on sale at noon EST Thursday November 5 HERE. The variant is an edition of 225 but they’ll print as many regulars as people order through the...
  15. TobinFrost

    Bottleneck Gallery "Star Wars Triptych" by Marko Manev

    Marko Manev Star Wars Trilogy Triptych Timed Release Edition Year: 2014 Released: 01/17/14 Size: 12 X 24 3 color screen print 12 x 24 inches each Signed and numbered $100 for the matching numbered set or $35 each. The sale starts over on Bottleneck Gallery’s WEBSITE this Friday...