dark knight trilogy

  1. zesty

    [WINNER CHOSEN] zesty #15 Nolans Batman trilogy of custom lenticular slipboxes

    Morning all and welcome to a new Ninja Week :D Here's a trilogy of custom lenticular slips for Nolans Batman below made by me. :D Rules Main rule is thank, not thumbs up, not helpful, just thank this post/OP. This is where the list of names will come from and if your not on it you won't be...
  2. zesty

    All Week [WINNER CHOSEN] Nolan Batman Trilogy of Slipboxes

    So I went in my man cupboard this morning, saw these looking unloved on the floor and thought it's #NINJAWEEK why not ;) I actually gave these away before in members, yes all you non members we do things like that, and then was a little gutted so made another set for myself. Since I can't bring...
  3. rj531

    Tue-Day 2 [WINNER ANNOUNCED] rj531 The Dark Knight Trilogy

    Hello Ninja Fam! One of the highlights of my #NinjaWeek last year is hosting my first & second ever giveaways. I enjoyed reading the responses of the participants. Met a couple of uber cool Ninjas through these contests & giveaways throughout the week. It's a way to be creative, have lots of...