holy grail

  1. ChrisPatt

    Grails & Cool Steels

    Hello fellow ninjas! This is my first thread and apologise if there is already one like it but I am just really curious to see everyone's grails and cool steels! Just to get an idea what I should be hunting for on my quest for the steel! This is my first real grail I think and what a grail...
  2. Bluprint

    [USA] Look.Buy.Repeat Steelbook Sales Thread #Bluprint

    Look.Buy.Repeat Steelbook Sales Thread #Bluprint "All You Need Is Deals." All items are Mint & Sealed unless noted. Worldwide Shipping Available at Cost. HD Pics of items upon request. ANY 4 FOR $100 (Must Buy 4 To Get The Deal!!!) SOLD (None! All Still Available!!!)