1. digitalbabe

    Jaws 2 print-Laurent Durieux & Jaws pins

    From Slashfilm: While you won’t find many (any?) movie fans who prefer Jaws 2 to Steven Spielberg’s original masterpiece, Laurent Durieux’s poster for the 1978 sequel is a thing of beauty that suggests a much, much better movie. The bright colors and pleasant atmosphere depict a typical beach...
  2. Spike Anderson

    Jaws by Nicolas Delort

    Jaws AP´s will be on sale today. Dropping time is between 6 and 8pm Paris time. The Price is 70€+shipping: http://www.frenchpaperartclub.com/fr/nicolas-delort/506-nicolas-delort-jaws-serigraphie-en-edition-limitee.html @dan8885 @Jason Bourne @ash333 @AlienKing @justboy @comICS-soon @apsmith21...
  3. pmartin252

    Jaws - Universal 100th anniversary [Italy]

    Lo Squalo - Universal 100th anniversary Released August 22nd, 2012 Available here Audio: English, Italian, Spanish Audio: English, Italian, Spanish