1. somebodys_kid

    [For Sale] HDZeta Suicide Squad Lenticular Joker Edition

    New and Sealed Suicide Squad Lenticular Joker Edition from HDZeta $30 USD. Price includes shipping. Only US buyers please.
  2. O

    Completed Filmation Era - The Adventures of Batman Show (1968-1969)

    Let's discuss this underrated and often forgotten campy cartoon. Some of the episodes are actually quite good and hilarious, my favorites being: "Hizzoner, the Joker", "Simon the Pieman", "From Catwoman with Love", "It Takes Two to Make a Team". And Larry Storch's Joker is so much better than...
  3. O

    Custom Creation: The Joker TV Special (feat. Mark Hamill & Jay Nelson)

    Really wanted to share this very personal animated project o'mine with you, guys, (it encapsulates my love for all Joker interpretations across all kinds of mediums) that includes an original script, great vocal performances from such talents as Jay Nelson & Mark Hamill himself (the O.G. Joker...
  4. mlmaier84

    The Joker Batman-Batman (LootCrate Exclusive) POP! Vinyl Series [Funko]

    LootCrate presents The Joker Batman-Batman Exclusive POP! Vinyl Figure. This was part of their December "Anniversary" Crate. *Sorry for the pic. My buddy got his today and he doesn't have the best of phones.* Here's a better picture: