1. cooey

    X-Men: Apocalypse (Blu-ray SteelBook) (KimchiDVD Exclusive #43) [Korea]

    Release date: November 14, 2016 Purchase links: TBA Price: $40.99 (Full slip and lenticular limited to 900 copies each) - $81 (One click limited to 200 copies) HDN Group Buys: hosted by Cooey HERE Hosted by Kaka HERE
  2. Steelbookzombie

    SteelbookZombies Spectacular Lenticular Collection

    Here's my lenticular editions! I'm a huge lenti fan and really enjoy collecting them! Please thank or like this thread and help me get my award! I know the leather slip Revenant isn't a lenticular but its part of the manta collection I own the rest are all lenticular.
  3. cooey

    [CLOSED] The Hateful Eight (KimchiDVD exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook) Group Buy [Worldwide]

    Here is the GB for KimchiDVD's release of WEA The Hateful Eight Blu-ray Steelbook Release thread Release date: 30th September, 2016 Lenticular Limited Edition (1250 copies) - $54 Full slip OST Limited Edition (1800 copies) - $54 Full slip Limited Edition (1000 copies) - $48 One Click...
  4. cooey

    [CLOSED] SPOTLIGHT (KimchiDVD Exclusive) Group Buy (Worldwide)

    Here is the HDN GB for the KimchiDVD/BluCollection exclusive Blu-ray Steelbook release of SPOTLIGHT Release date: 31st August, 2016 Fullslip Limited Edition (Type A) limited to 800 Full slip Limited Edition (Type B) limited to 1100 Lenticular Limited Edition limited to 1100 One Click...
  5. cooey


    Here is the GB for KimchiDVD's release of WEA Captain America: The Winter Soldier Release thread Release date: 23rd August, 2016 Fullslip Limited Edition (Type A1) Full slip Limited Edition (Type A2 Lenticular Limited Edition (Type B) One Click (one copy of each with same number) GB...
  6. Misterlovier

    My Asian Steelbooks

    Here is my Asian Steelbook, collection started less than one year and a half ^^ : PLEASE HELP ME ARCHIEVE THIS AWARD BY THANKING THE OP :thumbs:
  7. Naughtius Maximus

    Wed-Day 3  [ENDED] David's Giveaway series #14 - Amelie Triple Boxset (Kimchidvd Exclusive #10)

    Hello members, and thanks for reading about my giveaway! HOST / Donated by: Naughtius Maximus DURATION: Ninja week: Feb 24 - Feb 28 WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members, regardless of post count The PRIZES: How do i win this?! Q: What's the challenge? A: What's your most favorite...

    Fantastic 4 (Blu-ray SteelBook) (KimchiDVD Collection No.7) [Korea]

    Release date: February 19, 2016 Purchase link: Kimchi - OOS Price: $34.99 Note: 300 copies - Limited to 2 per order.
  9. Kaka1888

    GB Fifth Element Kimchi Exclusive (Korea SteelBook)[WORLDWIDE]

    Today I'm happy to hosting my first group for Kimchi Exclusive Fifth Element.... Release thread: Release day: 29th Jan Group Buy end: 7th of Jan Price: 35 USD + postage from Korea...
  10. Pollito

    Edward Scissorhands (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

    Release date: 25 November, 2015 Purchase link: Kimchi Price: $32.99
  11. digitalbabe

    KimchiDVD - SteelBook Retailer Chat Thread

    Feel free to discuss shipping, customer service, availability, etc about this retailer here. List of Exclusives HERE Frequently Asked Questions: Q) What is the link to Kimchidvd? A)Welcome to KIMCHI DVD Q) I haven't mastered Korean yet - how can I read the site?! A) Install...