1. 98matmic

    Manta Lab Mantalab The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Fullslip Edition

    Will ship to U.S: £10 delivery Paypal Only I am also a seller on ebay with 100% Positive feedback. Check out my ebay seller account: michaemat_63
  2. Noodles


    HOST: @Noodles DURATION: April 4th-7th WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered HDN members. HOW DO I ENTER? 1. Thank this post - it's easier for me to see all entrants that way. 2. Name one film you'd like to see receive the steelbook treatment. CONTEST TERMS: - One entry per person. - Winner pays...
  3. B

    **PRICES REDUCED for quick sale**[UK] FAC, Novamedia, Manta sale

    Hi All, Reluctanty i'm selling of a few of my premiums to raise some ££ for some new AV equipment. All my items on sale are sealed and mint. Unless mentioned otherwise. If you would require an extra picture for you to see the individual item.Please request it and I will PM it to you. Prices...
  4. kevin890725


    For the 2nd anniversary promotion,mantalab's going to give away few prototype products that they made for the release but never used as a real product. Also, they are planning to have sale for some ME and MG products that they've received back from the local store. There are about 12 products...
  5. kryptonite

    [USA] Fortress of Solitude Shop

    STEELBOOKS: EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! SEND ME YOUR OFFERS!!! DISCOUNTS ON MULTIPLE PURCHASES. (Offers will only be entertained for 5 or more items) Serious BUYERS ONLY!!! Otherwise, stay away. STEELBOOKS: All steelbooks are shipped Priority Mail. All steelbooks are in mint condition. Most of them...