1. apsmith21

    Mondo  Black Panther OST (Complete Score) (Colored Vinyl) (MondoCon)

    Released on Saturday Sept 14, 2019 only at MondoCon
  2. digitalbabe

    Mondo Steelbooks & stands at Hidefninja Booth-B4-Annie Hall

    Hi ninjas, Starting tomorrow, several Mondo Steelbooks will be available at our booth at Mondo Con, as well as some other non-Steelbook surprises at our booth. .
  3. martinouchou

    [MondoCon 3 Exclusive] The Flash by Cesar Moreno

    MondoCon3 Exclusive
  4. martinouchou

    [MondoCon 3 Exclusive] Lobot by Mike Mitchell

    MondoCon3 Exclusive
  5. martinouchou

    [MondoCon 3 Exclusive] The Martian by Oliver Barrett

    MondoCon3 Exclusive
  6. martinouchou

    Mondo  Wall-E by Tom Whalen (Mondo X Cyclops #02)

    Mondo X Cyclops Print Works Print #02: Wall-E by Tom Whalen (MondoCon 2016 exclusive) 24"x36" Screen Print Edition of 390 Printed by D&L Screenprinting $55 This will be available online at a random time on Tuesday, October 25th.
  7. martinouchou

    [MondoCon 3 Exclusive] The Thin Red Line by Joao Ruas

    MondoCon3 Exclusive
  8. martinouchou

    [MondoCon 3 Exclusive] The Graduate by Rory Kurtz

    MondoCon3 Exclusive
  9. martinouchou

    [MondoCon 3 Exclusive] Mulholland Drive by Tula Lotay

    MondoCon3 Exclusive
  10. dan8885

    dan8885's Mondo Collection

    This is my small but ever growing Mondo Collection :thumbs: Steelbooks: *Looper (signed by Martin Ansin)* *Reservoir Dogs is dented and will be replaced* Vinyl (including Death Waltz releases): Slipmat Black Swan OST (clear white & clear blue colored vinyl) / Lizard in a woman's Skin...
  11. mllNY

    MondoCon October 3 - 4 2015

    MondoCon II - The Wrath of Con October 3-4 2015 (I assume Austin Texas) :rofl: Details to follow