1. mllNY

    [Winner Chosen][Dark Horse Giveaway] Game of Thrones Prize Pack

    HOST / Donated by: mllNY / Dark Horse DURATION: April 20 - April 26 WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members, regardless of post count The PRIZES: Game of Thrones: Ygritte Figure Game of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell Figure Game of Thrones Grey Worm figure Game of Thrones Oberyn...
  2. apsmith21

    All Week [WINNERS CHOSEN} Andy's Giveaway series - Thread Tagging - LARGE PRIZE PACKAGE - #001

    Hello members, and thanks for reading about my giveaway! HOST: apsmith21 DURATION: Ninja week: Feb 22 - Feb 28 WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members, but only those that have TWENTY (20) or more posts on this forum! The PRIZES: There will be FOUR (4) sets of winners. The top TWO (2)...