1. tridon

    All Week [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Happy NINJA WEEK 2016! Enter to win a ‘KenCrate’ (includes SteelBooks)!

    HOST/DONATED BY: Yours truly DURATION: Ninja Week - Feb 22nd to Feb 29th WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members, regardless of post count. THE PRIZE: HOW TO WIN: You’re going to win something called a ‘KenCrate’ — valued at approximately $300+ — which is full of special items that speak...
  2. tridon

    Horror-Theatrical Quiver - In select theaters May 22, 2021

    Title: Quiver (2015) Tagline: I hope you brought extra bug spray, cause they're gonna eat you alive. Genre: Horror Director: Trevor Zurkan Writer: Kenneth Livitski (yours truly ;)) Cast: Robert Beck, Lisa Marie DiGiacinto, Andrew Paulsen, Dave DelBen, Tracey Stevens Barrett, Randy Feaver...