1. Noodles

    San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives (Fox Vinyl)

    Fox Home Entertainment will be giving five of its films the vinyl treatment with a Comic-Con exclusive that will include a vinyl edition of the film's soundtrack, which will come with blu-ray, DVD and digital HD copies of the films. The films are Logan, Deadpool, Kingsman: The Secret Service...
  2. Noodles

    HMV Vinyl Week 2016 [UK]

    Thought I'd create a thread for it since it's a yearly event and is being discussed in multiple threads. hmv vinyl week is almost here! Starting next Monday 13 June we will have great discounts on loads of vinyl albums ready for Father's Day. But that's not all - on Saturday 18 June we will...
  3. paulboland

    Record Store Day 2016 Share what you got! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record Store Day 2016 Dr Who and The Daleks Format:2LP, 750 numbered, yellow vinyl Overall print run is 1,500 and will be...
  4. Noodles

    UK 29% off £50 spend at Today only! Enter code LEAP16 at checkout - only works on orders over £50 (includes pre-orders)
  5. tridon

    All Week [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Retailer-Sponsored Giveaway - WAXWORK RECORDS - Vinyl bundle!

    THIS NINJA WEEK GIVEAWAY HAS BEEN DONATED BY… HOST: Yours truly DURATION: Ninja Week - Feb 22nd to Feb 28th WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members located within North America, regardless of post count. THE PRIZE: A very special, hand-picked bundle including some of Waxwork’s amazing...