sixth scale

  1. Drum18

    K-2SO (Star Wars: Rogue One) 1/6 scale figure [Hot Toys]

    Oct 2017 - Dec 2017 Price: $229.99 Link:
  2. Colombianlove41

    Hot Toys/Sixth Scale Replacement Batteries

    Hey Kids, I'm just checking in to see what people like to use for replacement batteries for their Hot Toys? Also, I'm working on a list to make a sticky of the model numbers for the batteries as well. The most common I've seen so far are the AG1/LR621 Feel free to add more, thanks!
  3. Aniv

    WTB: Hot Toys Hellboy II: Golden Army

    I am looking for a sealed or open mint Hot Toys Hellboy II: Golden Army. Shipping will either be to US or UK and I will pay via Paypal Goods & Services. Seller must have good feedback or reference from other members with satisfactory feedback. Please PM me with your offer if you have one...