1. Professional slip manufacturer?

    Figured I'd make my own thread regarding this... Anybody know who EverythingBlu use to manufacture their slips? I asked Ben himself, but he wasn't willing to reveal such info, which is understandable and I respect that - he was still very polite and wished me luck FYI. I've searched high and...
  2. Krypto's Glorious Inglourious Basterds Collection

    Welcome! Please THANK my Inglourious Basterds Collection!!!
  3. Rate the Blu-ray Slipcover/Slipbox You Recently Aquired

    Use the Ninjas for rating (copy and paste) the Ninjas Half Ninja = Terrible 1 Ninja = Poor 2 Ninjas = Ok 3 Ninjas = Good 4 Ninjas = Very Good 5 Ninjas = Excellent