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  1. Lone Crusader

    Apple will repair some Apple Watch 2 models that have swollen batteries or won’t power on for free

    courtesy of The Verge The policy only applies to 42mm-sized models Apple will fix some Apple Watch Series 2 devices if they have a swollen battery or don’t turn on, according to a new service policy seen by MacRumors. The policy states that “some Apple Watch Series 2 devices may not power on...
  2. thewoe

    Eaglemoss DC Watch Collection [UK]

    Link: Price: Issue 1 £9.99, £24.99 each from Issue 2 Issue 1: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Issue 2: The Killing Joke Coming soon: The Dark Knight, Batman 1966 tv series, Batman 1989, Suicide Squad, Man of Steel and more to be...
  3. Sigill

    Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Brains Day of Disaster Replica Watch [UK]

    Price: £79.99 Purchase link: Zavvi (Live Wednesday 9:00 BST)