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  1. zesty

    I've received my #BESTWEEK EVER Ninja Week Prize [See all winners in 2016 Archive forum]

    As @smabu has received his that I sent him already and I'm planning on sending more out today think it's time to start this thread :thumbs: Here's @smabu post from the winning thread: Received, they look awesome, will take some better pics once I've got the time! Thanks again @zesty !!
  2. Dano

    All Week  [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Dano's Giveaway #1

    Welcome to my first Ninja Week giveaway! HOST / Donated by: Dano DURATION: Ninja week: Feb 22 - Feb 28 WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members. The PRIZES: How do i win these steelbooks? Q: Name a film that has a Mondo X steelbook with a lead actor from the Purge. That is it. CONTEST...