10,000th Thread In This Forum!! Congrats Everyone - Here's a Mystery Box Give-Away!


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This is the 10,000th thread in this forum board a lone. Quite the achievement and while obviously not the true total # it does however put a ballpark figure on how many different Blu-ray SteelBook editions are out there in the world. (despite whether they are simply the same steel or not, ie. wwa)

What better way to celebrate the Community's involvement then with a give-away? A mystery box give-away in fact! And just like you gave to this Community by contributing in these threads, you will be giving to another Ninja in this give-away. HOW you ask?

Simple .... TAG 1 person in your reply and if your number is drawn it is the person you tagged who wins! So you took part in giving this Mystery Box to them as well! So then maybe they owe you a solid or something. :p


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Nov 29, 2011
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This is awesome! Congrats to all here on HDN for making this place great!

@Noodles for all the crazy good designs that you make!


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Nov 18, 2011
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there are a few of the guys running things here I wanted to tag as if anyone deserves a thank you, its them, for all the hard work(but I could choose just one, and am sure many others will tip their ninja hat toward them...
so for me, attempting to avoid the obvious saints on here - @StifflersDad as if it werent for their kindness, I wouldnt have gotten the Doctor Strange double lenti steelbook from Blufans :) consider this a shout out thanks for that.

by the way, great idea and gesture here guys - nice way to pay things forward.
Aug 9, 2016
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@virkia — When you get the mystery box, you can show us all the other covers that have been used for those movies in other editions. ;) Good luck, fellow art critic!


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Mar 25, 2015
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I’ll tag @Aniv. The one person in this forum that I’ve met in person and a great guy.