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Aug 6, 2010
Release date: December 12, 2022
Purchase link: Zavvi | Amazon.co.uk | Vice-Press
Price: £49.99 SRP

VAULT #004 - PREMIUM 4K Blu-ray COLLECTOR'S Edition - Limited to 3,000 copies
  • New key art by Matt Ferguson & Florey from Vice Press
  • Acetate O-Ring, removes for type-free display of your key art
  • Unique, individually numbered crystal display plaque
  • Rigid clamshell box with magnetic closure
  • Feature film on both 4K UHD and Blu-ray, plus Special Features

4A_1917_VAULT 004_2D-Packshot.png

4B_1917_VAULT 004_3D-Packshot.png
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Zavvi jumped the gun on these, but I've gotten approval to merge the official announcement I have in the OP.

I think there's a lot of good content here that gives you a great idea of what the edition will be like.
Have to respect the effort of consistent style and overview presentation. However, seems a bit crazy these are £10 more than the other recent £39.99 "Botox Steelbook Premiums"
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I don't get why they would include this film in that line up, all of the others are classics, 1917 is an average movie at best, yes it is a technically impressive film, but that's it. The other 3 are literally masterpieces. The fact that they're numbered doesn't make it better. So if you have OCD and you wanna build a collection you have to get every film. That sucks.
Also available from vice press with poster

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Also available from vice press with poster

Would love a poster for this film, so this is very tempting! Might have to put it on my Christmas list :D
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This is the only one I don't have in UHD, or at all actually.
Would love a poster for this film, so this is very tempting! Might have to put it on my Christmas list :D
There's only 200 poster copies, so you should buy now.
Hey folks! James here from Vice Press. Just wanted to clear up something about why the edition on our site is a bit more expensive. We are selling an exclusive Version that comes with a 24x36 inch movie poster of the cover art. We normally retail posters at this size at £39.99, so overall, it’s great value.

The posters will also be shipped separately I’m a tube and come with a numbered COA signed by Matt Ferguson and Florey. The Film Vault