Multi 2015 Chat Black Friday movie & other deal scores-what have you picked up?


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Apr 12, 2009
Jump in with the deals you got this year!


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I'm going to be done shopping before Black Friday actually gets here. A lot of the stuff i'm after, the deals are already at that price online. What i've bought so far.

All for Playstation 4.

The Legend Of Kay: Anniversary $14.99 (Gamefly)
Helldivers $14.99 (Amazon)
Dishonored: Definitive Edition $14.99 (Amazon)
Mad Max $24.99 (Best Buy)
Batman Arkham Knight $24.99 (Best Buy)

For Xbox One, For My Boss: NBA 2K16 $29.99 (Best Buy)


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I ended up getting Until Dawn from Best Buy, for $19.99, once it came back in stock. It was sold out on their site this morning. Also just grabbed Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on Amazon for $9.99.

Not much left that i'm currently after. All i'll be looking for tomorrow is a deal on 1 Year of Xbox Live for my boss, 1 year of Playstation Plus for myself, and hoping for a good price on Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection.
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C.C. 95

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Sep 10, 2014
The Land, OHIO - U.S.A.
criterion collection dvds 50% off + 30 % off code :

jaques tati collection

from B & N !

@C.C. 95 do you own Europa (LV Trier movie?)
Hell yes @nefilim! :thumbs: One of my fav movies! :D Why is there no Blu ray edition yet?!!!
The Criterion is a solid, great DVD edition, but I want the HD edition!
Europa was LVT firing on all cylinders before the regretful Dogma95 experiment... A must for anyone who considers themselves a cinephile.
Good call, Kimmo, on getting the Jaques Tati box set! These sales are EXACTLY when you go for the box sets!!
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Haven't picked up much, got 2 vinyls from Xtravision with their 30% off (Chris Cornell and Godfather soundtrack), a Star Wars art book from Amazon and subbed to Nerdblock for December with their 50% off offer for the Star Wars stuff!


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Jan 17, 2014
It's been hugely underwhelming this year so many companies saying 'great offers' were pretty much same deals as like yesterday some more expensive :(


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Sep 19, 2012
I picked up from Zavvi the classic TV show "The Avengers" season 4 and 5 on blu-ray for £29 each. That's a serious bargain when the cheapest I've ever seen them has been £54 each. So one happy camper. And it normally retails at £70