2017 List of Steelbook holiday sales & promotions


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Apr 12, 2009

Hey Ninjas,

In addition to our very active Steelbook price drop thread, am adding current holiday Steelbook/Exclusives sales, dedicated pages, and major Steelbook promotions from popular retailers as stickied thread. If you see others,feel free to reply to the thread and tag me. I'll add them to 1st post so others can save some $ as well.

:ninja:Thanks all! :ninja:

Best Buy dedicated Steelbook page and sales Link

Target Steelbook and exclusives page & sales Link

HMV Exclusive Steelbook page & sales Link

Zoom dedicated Steelbook page & sales Link

Zavvi Steelbook promotions & sales Link

Nova Media Winter Festival Dec 1-31 Link

Manta Lab 2nd Anniversary Celebration Sale Dec 4-18 Link

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