3D screen coming to PSP

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
3D is all the rage in Hollywood and it only makes sense that videogames start to embrace the popularity of depth. Ireland optical company RealView Innovations plans to release its V-Screen for the PSP before Christmas. The V-Screen is an attachment that is said to enhance the perceived depth of the 2D screen images on the PSP.

There is no special software required to see the 3D images, instead you simply attach the V-Screen to your PSP and the accessory renders a fully 3 dimensional experience.

?The innovation uses special optical components in unconventional ways,? said Eamonn Ansbro, co-Executive Director of RVI, in a press release. ?No software, electronics or headgear is required. Nonetheless, the optical results are astonishing. The video game industry is a perfect fit for our technology. The V-Screen offers consumers a tremendous leap forward in optical enhancement.?

Look for the V-Screen to hit retailers in time for the Holidays.

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