8 and 16 Bit Gaming... Back from the Dead

Apr 27, 2009
If you put your hand far enough into the crack of your couch in the basement you're likely to find an old SNES game cartridge... reach a little further and out comes a pop rock encrusted NES cartridge. Problem is, no matter how far you burrow, you'll never come up with a full Nintendo classic game system... and you'll never ever find a system that plays both NES and SNES games. Well luckily the Retro Duo NES/SNES Game System is here to solve all your 8 and 16 bit gaming needs. Two top loading cartridge slots, one for NES the other for SNES, ensure full compatibility with all your old games... and it's completely couch lint free! Controllers are included of course, or you can plug in your own original SNES controllers for 100% accurate gaming nostalgia.


Mar 12, 2009
cheaper on ebay?..i thought it was the other way around,people were trying to jack the price up there since it was kind of a duel system...guess not.
but its pretty cool either way,super nes rocks...I'd only buy it for zombies ate my neighbors...

that game is fun.