A Clockwork Orange (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Black Barons Collection #32) [Czech Republic]


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Jun 28, 2011
Release date: July 7, 2023
Purchase links: FilmArena
Price: CZK 1699
Group buy: Hosted by carllenc

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You're right! What was I thinking when I had expectations when buying this over 2 years ago, based on info which was not correct apparently. Crazy, silly customer I am... IMO I have every right to grumble at this stage. But nice you got you single edition copy, which may have been compiled with the money all us Maniac Box buyers handed in when pre-ordering :)

Just being sarcastic, it's not a personal attack ;)
Haha I know mate dw. I get, we were all getting pissy waiting with nothing to go on. It was a sh!t show. At least we know it's actually happening now though, and you'll get it at some point.

I've had my E3 for a few weeks thankfully, maniacs have pretty always taken longer from memory, so can't say I'm surprised I haven't seen one anywhere yet.
Film Arena is no longer a premium company. It's like a sinking ship.
Not releasing a proprietary steel book means that it is no longer worth the limited edition.
The Predator is barely being released without a disc. You can no longer lure collectors in the name of a limited edition, and collectors should not be tempted. If you fall for temptation, the vicious cycle of this company will continue.
For now, the company gets an expensive delivery fee and sends it to the Czech Post, which DHL is. It's not one or two people who've been hit.
It could be you.
If you protest, I can have you baned, just like the Cinemuseum did.
What did the Filmarena do when Manta Lab or HDzeta Weet Collection Nova Media was constantly on release?
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I don't understand what the problem is over there. Is it the printed materials? Once a company doesn't deliver to an agreed date, one time, you switch to another.
Is it the discs they can't receive from the studio - why?
Yeah I did the group buy on Jan 26, 2023. I'm well out of the PayPal window. Can only hope for a miracle that they can deliver this but its not looking good.
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This is definitely my last Filmarena order. At least Cinemuseum delivers outstanding products in the end. Filmarena has really gone downhill
Yeah, I've got to agree. I've got shawshank on order with fac, I mean I had to have that, it's shawshank... but I think that may be my last, unless they do pull something amazing out of their arse that I'd be willing to wait a undisclosed period of time for.
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"Dear Collectors,

thank you very much for your patience in the last months when we are facing great challenges together. The wait for information has been long, but careful consideration and discussion of our next steps has been a very strong internal theme in recent days. We are currently experiencing a delay due to the completion and distribution of the long-awaited PREDATOR exclusive title. It also took several weeks to move the warehouse. Now let's get to where we want to go next.

First, let's recap. In the second half of last year, we decided to resolve the situation regarding the long-awaited PREDATOR title in our own way. Thank you for the manner and understanding with which you accepted our proposed solution. There was no better solution in the given situation, which we can all see over time.

Now we have another tough challenge regarding discs for our editions. We needed time to thoroughly discuss individual solutions. For each edition, we always have pre-agreed conditions, which we consider unchangeable until the realization of our editions. Any change negatively affects the economy of editions and unfortunately, instead of finding the will for reasonable solutions, the demands become uncompromising. Although it may not seem like it, due to the individual delays that we encountered due to our strict quality requirements, we subsidized some editions from our own resources. We have therefore decided to release editions FAC 171 and beyond, with exceptions (we have purchased discs from an earlier time) without discs and not to give in to any pressure. The decision also applies to BLACK BARONS editions. We are currently finishing FAC #171 of GODZILLA in KONG and will then move on to sending out issues 167-171 which some are still waiting for. Then we will complete the next editions in order. If sooner or later we manage to get a certain amount of discs, we will put them in editions intended for free sale on the e-shop, but please expect that these editions will be more expensive. Updated release dates will gradually appear on the e-shop.

Due to our fifteen years of experience, we have agreed that we will no longer accept the new demands and pressure placed on us, we will continue to publish the planned editions, but at the same time we will put our energy into the projects that are offered thanks to our experience in the field of collector's editions. We will introduce you to these in further information emails. Collectors who invest in the FAC brand and BB products in a timely manner gain very interesting added value as well as appreciation. We believe that we are able to offer even better values with products that will not be subject to demanding approval processes, will be ours and we will be able to decide freely and independently about their development. We will continue to sell products created by us or previously purchased until they are sold out.

In our FAC and BB plans, ie. FAC #186 + and BB #33 + we have attractive limits that we will create mainly for our loyal customers. These are editions that we have arranged and prepared from an earlier time and we have not presented them yet. We estimate that those who follow us to the end of the FAC and BB series will receive even more interesting gems. In addition to these, we want to offer you the opportunity to expand your collection with a new series of very attractive pieces, which we are now preparing so that we can present our plan to you soon. We will hint that the focus will not be cinematic, but still attractive enough to attract the collecting public.

Please expect an update on the release dates for individual titles soon. We currently need to reprint some elements to bring them up to date.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, support, and time.

With warm regards,
JC for the FA and BB team"
So it's looks like it will be a disc less edition? That's a joke right?
No more Filmarena
The end