A couple of grails!

Jan 2, 2012
Winston Salem, NC
So I've decided to part with a few of my steels. I ship to the U.S. only and my packaging is bomb proof. I have 100% feedback on here as well as Bluray.com and ebay under rari6426. I am a very picky collector so you can trust that I handle all steels with care, and will be shipped like I would want mine shipped to me. These are the ones that I'm selling, please make an offer and we will see what happens. Please include $6.00 for shipping.

Thor UK HMV OPENED MINT - $100.00

Drive UK HMV SEALED MINT - $100.00

Thor 2 Best Buy OPENED MINT - $45.00

Pictures are available upon request. If you buy Thor and Drive I will throw Thor 2 in for free:D


***edit*** Prices lowered
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