A Master Builder (#762) (Criterion Collection) [USA]


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Nov 26, 2010
Altea, Spain
Release date: June 16th, 2015
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United States
127 minutes
Spine #76

Twenty years after their brilliant cinema-theater experiment Vanya on 42nd Street, Wallace Shawn and André Gregory reunited to produce another idiosyncratic film version of a classic play, this time Henrik Ibsen’s Bygmester Solness (Master Builder Solness). Brought pristinely to the screen by Jonathan Demme, this compellingly abstract reimagining features Shawn (who also wrote the adaptation) as a visionary but tyrannical middle-aged architect haunted by figures from his past, most acutely an attractive, vivacious young woman (the breathtaking newcomer Lisa Joyce) who has appeared on his doorstep. Also featuring standout supporting performances by Julie Hagerty, Larry Pine, and Gregory, A Master Builder, like Vanya, is the result of many years of rehearsals, a living, breathing, constantly shifting work that unites theater, film, and dream


High-definition digital master, supervised by director of photography Declan Quinn, with 5.1 surroundDTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray
New interview with director Jonathan Demme, stage director–actor André Gregory, and writer-actor Wallace Shawn, conducted by film critic David Edelstein
New conversation between actors Julie Hagerty and Lisa Joyce
New program featuring Gregory, Shawn, and their friend the author Fran Lebowitz in conversation
PLUS: An essay by film critic Michael Sragow