Slipbox A Serious Man (Blu-ray Slipbox w/ Scanavo Case) [Korea]


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Release date: February 29, 2016
Purchase links: Nova - Kimchi
Price: $28.99
Note: 700 numbered copies + 24 page booklet

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 13.12.29.png


Raggle Fraggle!

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Jan 19, 2015
Arrived this morning from Kimchi. It's a pretty ordinary slip with an embossed title on the cover and spine but no printing effects like spot glossing or epoxy printing, which is a shame as I think it would have made it look fantastic:

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Still looks quite nice! Can't wait for mine to come
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Apr 5, 2014
@Raggle Fraggle! Ha, reading that back it does sound a bit like I hate the slip doesn't it? But I do really like its clean design, it suits the film well. I think just a little bit of gloss or epoxy printing would have made it a real winner as its a very minimal design as is, so something to bring out Larry on the cover and maybe back would have really helped. Let us know what you think when you get it in hand dude. :thumbs: