Ace Ventura Pet Detective Ltd Officially Licensed Collector's Coin back on sale


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Jan 26, 2009
Hey Ninjas,

Proud to show off the mock of our officially licensed collectors coin, challenge coin etc.

We teamed up with artist Adam Rabalais to create this very cool collectible. As many of you know I have a fond memory of the first 2 Ace Ventura movies and they are right up there for me in favorite comedies like Dumb and Dumber. Ace Ventura has some of the most quotable quotes and iconic scenes in 90's comedy history. Everyone remembers him driving the car with his head out the window, kicking the delivery box around, having the animals all land him on him after he slams the door in his landlord's face, or wearing a tutu. The list just keeps on going. While a regular on SNL before, it was Ace Ventura that really catapulted Jim Carrey's movie career thus giving us many more comedy classics before moving onto more serious roles.

This is a Mondo Con Exclusive, but we will have a small amount go live on the HDN store at 9:30 am CST on November 4th.

It is very limited (150 coins total) and the first in our series of stand alone officially licensed collector coins which look great displayed on your media racks etc. much of how most of you have displayed your coins for our Black Label Horror line.

Real pics to come later. Turned out amazing using silver base!
Posting in this section for max visibility and will move to the Mondo Con forum here later.
And a big special thanks to @Snollygoster @apsmith21 for helping me make this coin turn out so good that Ace fans world-wide will get to appreciate.

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Jun 4, 2021
If anyone is interested in selling me one of these Ace Ventura Challenge Coins I am very interested in purchasing one! Or if anyone knows where I can locate one I would be so appreciative!