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Oct 6, 2014
Zagreb, Croatia
Artist: Jay Shaw
Edition: 70
Size: 18"x24"
Price: $60
Info: Solvent Print on 9mil Front Print Backlit Polyester Film. Printed by CBS Graphics

Available at mondotees.com at 11AM CST on 4/26. Allotment available at South Lamar pop-up shop on 4/26.
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Working at an intensive care unit this seems like it's especially made for me :giggle: But with a run of 70 there's no real chance of getting one :confused:
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This looks fantastic! With a run of 70 I doubt I'll even try for one though. Now I'm being really picky here, but as an Alien/s fan hasn't Eng has got the wrong Alien type on his piece? He's gone with the warrior type seen in Aliens rather than the big chap/ Giger design! (I write this as a Kilian Eng fan by the way)
I am not really interested but I can help out if needed and try for it.

Just concerned if someone gets through and I get through also