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Nov 13, 2017
dark corner of your closet

Good Afternoon Folks:
@Wreck and @IRON MAN have given me permission to create a thread they will 'Sticky' within this sub-forum, so that we may discuss and announce, any anime materiel that may be deemed of interest.
As the title suggests, we'd love to hear about;
- your recent purchases (including great sales others would be interested in)
- any news on pre-orders or titles going OOP forthcoming, and
- of course your views and points of interest wrt titles old, new and hoped for!

Pictures are of course welcome, as are links to titles available for sale. All within the bounds of existing forum rules, of course.
*note: Trades and sales would not be appropriate here, as there is already a very healthy Trade Forum for all subjects.

I know there are some very knowledgeable anime fans at HDN and we very much look forward to seeing your posts!
(also, spread the word please).

As I am not a Moderator, please feel free to contact @IRON MAN with any issues you may have regarding this thread.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Nov 13, 2017
dark corner of your closet
And a few for me; :)

- Clannad + After Story: Sentai, amaray, (I may still get the Steel and send this to my Girls)
- Konosuba: S-2, CE, AtA ed. (one of the funniest Isekai out there, LOVE this incredible series!)
- Release The Spyce: Sentai, CE. (Cute Girls with swords vs spies. Spies don't stand a chance!)
- Vatican Miracle Examiner: Sentai, amaray. (Priests travel world and battle demons. Very cool)
- Monster Musume (Girls): S-1, Sentai, PET Slipped Steel [gorgeous!] (Guy gets a harem of Monster girls, all jealous of each other, very cute)
- Beyond The Boundary: Sentai, Slipped Steel [huge amount of extras] (cute girls vs monsters, goes bad for monsters) {I have the amarays coming for my Girls}
- Hakuoki: Films 1 & 2, Sentai, amarays. Medieval Samurai wars. (I need to track down the OVAs)



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Nov 13, 2017
dark corner of your closet
Good Afternoon my Anime loving friends! :)

I thought I'd take a hot moment and post a pic of my recent box of treasures from AllTheAnime [AtA] (UK);
- Violet Evergarden: Series, AtA spec ed Box ( I have the Funi spec ed)
- Miss Hokusai: Film, AtA spec ed Wood Box
- Planetes: Series, AtA spec ed Box
- Re:Zero: Series, S-1, AtA spec ed Box (I have the Funi stnd rel)



(I'm still awaiting my 3rd box from Sentai, which has been trapped in Canada Custons for 2+ weeks now, Hope to see it soon!)


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Nov 13, 2017
dark corner of your closet
Hi Folks; :)

Very happy to relate that my 3rd box from Sentai finally showed.
Amazingly, there was no Customs Bill attached.
Thank-goodness for small blessings, as this was a pricey box.

First Listing:

- Joshiraku
- Hamatora (S-1 & 2)
- Classicaloid
- Unlimited Psychic Squad
- Beyond The Boundary (Series and Films) [for my Girls, I have the all inclusive Steel]
- Time Bokan: Royal Festival



2nd Listing:

- Mr Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues (
gotta get Kaiji now, heh)
- Mysteria Friends: (CE)
I'll send the stnd amaray to my Girls now
- Venus Wars: (CE) gorgeous!
- Magical Girl Raising Project:
(I have not watched yet but I've heard it gets pretty dark)
- Ajin: (OVAs)
- Moribito: (
very happy to get this release!)
- The Big O: (
happy to finally jump on this)
- Rozen Maiden; Zuruckspulen (2013)



I looked over their "Mother's Day" sale taking place over this week-end and my wallet is sighing in relief as no titles leap out at me.
Mind the respite didn't last long, as I just paid visit to Zavvi....:naughty:


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Nov 13, 2017
dark corner of your closet
A very sad day in the Manga and hence, the Anime industry; :sorry:


My collection of the Berserk Deluxe eds and the incredible Animes they produced, have always have a place of pride in my library, quite more so now.
Rest, with knowledge your profound work will last through the ages, Kentaro Miura. Thank-you so much. :thanks:
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