Horror-Theatrical Annabelle Comes Home - In theaters June 28, 2019

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holy christ! That's what this is? I havent seen any of them yet. haha.
I was off!

It is a sequel to a sequel to a spinoff of a sequel, which is a prequel to the sequel and a prequel to the original (which, of course, is itself- the prequel to a sequel).
(Annabelle 1 happens before Conjuring 1 & 2)
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Annabelle 3 Officially Announced: A 'Nightmare at the Museum'

Source: ScreenRant
A new Annabelle movie is on the way, and will see the devilish doll bringing the other artifacts in the Warrens' collection to life and terrorizing their daughter, Judy Warren. Annabelle 3 (not the official title) was announced during the ScareDiego preview event at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, with director Gary Dauberman and producer James Wan on the scene to tease the next terrifying chapter in The Conjuring's offshoot franchise.

According to the panel, the movie will be set shortly before the events of The Conjuring, showing what happened when the Warrens first brought the doll back and stashed her in their occult museum. In their careers as supernatural investigators, Ed and Lorraine have amassed a collection of cursed objects that they keep locked up together in a room in their house (which is really just asking for trouble), and the third movie will see the demon that possesses the Annabelle doll bringing the other artifacts to life, Night at the Museum style. While that might sound like fun, the results are probably going to be pretty terrifying.
Movie information in first post provided by The Movie Database