Annihilation - In theaters February 23, 2018


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[CONTAINER][MOVIE1]Title: Annihilation (2018)

Genre: [GENRE]Thriller[/GENRE], [GENRE]Science Fiction[/GENRE]

Director: [DIRECTOR]Alex Garland[/DIRECTOR]

Cast: [ACTOR]Natalie Portman[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Jennifer Jason Leigh[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Tessa Thompson[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Gina Rodriguez[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Oscar Isaac[/ACTOR]

Plot: A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply.[/MOVIE1][POSTER1]
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Sep 10, 2014
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Sure looks like it borrowed the plot from Tarkovsky's STALKER:
"In an unnamed country at an unspecified time, there is a fiercely protected post-apocalyptic wasteland known as The Zone. An illegal guide leads a writer and a scientist into the heart of the devastation in search of a mythical place known only as The Room."
-Tarkovsky's STALKER (1979)


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Jun 4, 2013
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Up for this, really like garlands work, adore ex machina and love the beach (Boyle did such a great job bringing that to the big screen)

Good cast and have no idea what's going on lol