Ant-Man (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Amazon Exclusive) [Japan]

Nov 29, 2012
Release date: January 20th, 2016
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Price: ¥ 8,424



Apr 12, 2014
Japan isn't in the habit of rereleasing steelbooks, let alone marvel steelbooks so I wouldn't hold your breaths. I also did not like these MovieNEX releases 'cause I rather have all the discs in one case and I still do. And while I prefer them that way, I started to grow to like these MovieNEX releases which I buy anyway 'cause I prefer Japan blu-rays over others for their Japanese dubs and quality. Although not so much with nonsteelbook releases where both cases are amarays, with those that do include steelbook you don't have to touch the steelbook so often because it holds the 3D disc and really half to just open the amaray to watch the 2D disc unless one is planning to watch the 3D a lot which I doubt and either way for me anyway 3D is used for special occasions. So it's really a plus not to touch the steelbook so much and just open the amaray to watch the movie and I'm not really the keep things sealed type of collector so this is really a plus. Either way, I guess I will get any Japan steelbook release regardless but I would think steelbook collectors would agree not to mess with the steelbook so much even if they're protected by a protective sleeve or plastic box. I would still prefer the discs were in one case, but this is how MovieNEX is releasing their titles so might as well deal with it and it gives some diversity to the packaging and if you're waiting for rerelease Japan steelbooks you may as well try going for those who are known for rereleases like zavvi. And the exclusives come with a nice framed illustration just like the one for Avengers: Age of Ultron which is a great collector's piece.