Anyone Getting Really Lucky With CEX?


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But in seriousness, not sure about everyone else. But I hit the goldmine when one of my mates from CEX text me to say someone had traded in their entire steelbook collection to get an iWatch (or whatever the sodding things are officially called).

So I scooped up all of them - even the ones ive already got sealed, just so I can watch them.

But since then, ive done my standard sticking my nose in most CEXs that I pass and im coming up trumps everywhere - and its like they *know* which ones I need.

Last night, got Black Butler! How random - but ive wanted it for ages.

Probably picked up at least 40 in the last 2 months from there. Passed on a dented Superman, a scratched to death Inbetweeners and a badly scratched Alpha Papa (to replace my one that got dented by a 'friend' when they borrowed it!)

But how is everyone elses? I see CEX mentioned a few times - and some have really bad ones where they never hit the shelves and they 'staff pile' them as soon as they come in. But it seems the midlands is the place to be for cheap steels.

PS Not one of them was 'tin' priced. I.e. Black Butler last night was £8.


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Dec 30, 2013
burton on trent
I've not found anything major I've seen a few people get thor hmv for £8 I think the best I got was alien collection the face hugger version for a £10 in mint condition with slip . But I try to pop in one when I pass also in major towns hoping the bigger places would have more but I literally thunk it's luck .
I live in a small town but rarely see any in there
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Picked up Rescuers for peanuts this weekend too.

Clued up stores are my fear. I was especially amazed when I managed to get so many Disney movies with super limited ORings.

But I wouldnt trade my local for the world, plenty of customer service, zero attitude - ive certainly been into some terrible stores in my time (namely, Milton Keynes - which has recently turned itself around for the better).

If Sheffield is the place for Steels, I may have to divert through there one day.


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Dec 3, 2012
Liverpool (UK)
Liverpool staff have been clued up for some time, the only rare(ish) steelbook I have picked up was sometime last year when I managed to get the Alien Quadrilogy steelbook in mint condition. Most of the time the steelbooks I see are either dented / scratched to hell or a recent release (that works out cheaper to buy new than used)
May 11, 2015
Manchester, UK
Only ever seen Akira steel which was on sale for 15 quid (some scratches on it) they wldnt take a tenner for it so that was that. I did much later get a mint LIfe Of PI steel for a tenner so that was good.