Apple TV (4K)


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Jun 17, 2018
Just got mine today and I've set it all up. I had a normal one but gave that to my mom for the downstairs TV, now got this one for mine as mine is a newer TV as well and I'm trying to figure out how to fix the washed out colours...
I've set it up with 4K, HDR and I've got washed out colours. Turn it off and I have no issues whatsoever.

I updated completely, as I read that Apple had an issue with it back on version 11.2 or something but after the update, there's no difference.
I don't see anything settings-wise that can be the issue either. I thought that it'd help if I'd let my Apple TV decide when to change for the Dynamic Range but that didn't do anything either.

It's not a necessity for me to have the HDR as I don't really have any 4K/HDR movies on my NAS... However, it would be nice to have it actually work when I do want to use it! lol
Anybody else got any issues with this?

Anybody got any recommendations for apps to watch your movies from your network from too, by the way?
I use VLC for now but it's kind of annoying that I can't tell it to automatically select the English subtitle track if it's available... Other than that, it works very well for me.