Aquaman (4K & 3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBooks) (HDZeta Exclusive) [China]

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Nov 29, 2017
This looks gorgeous. Glad I wasn't a huge fan of the film, otherwise I would have had to shell out $$$ for this :LOL:
Feb 24, 2018
1 x OC to Australia for me please :drool:

Must say it’s shaping up to be a cracker of a release already from the beautiful wrap around steelbook to the stunning Lenti OC Boxset and also the artwork choices being used on the front of the Slips aswell.

Also that line up of all 9 DC HDZ OC’s looks spectacular and can’t wait for the year to progress so my collection will look a lot like this aswell. 7 down 2 to go :joy:
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Dec 25, 2013
Delta City
Maybe Hdzeta caught wind of Manta's announcement of the release and imminent group buy and thought they'd get in with their announcement as well sway any potential buyers from going with Manta?


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Apr 28, 2011
Mother may I :wow:

Great choice of artworks all around. Looking forward to adding this to the collection (even if the film was a bit on the lame side)