AsKel Shop/ Dark Knight HDZeta, Age of Ultron BF... my complete premiums collection for sell

Sep 16, 2012

Welcome to my topic sales of Blu-Ray Steelbooks. I'm french, sorry in advance for my english language.

Unless otherwise noted, all editions are open in really mint condition.

My user name at ebay: askel_069

Paypal accepted (fees 5% or PP Gift if you like).

Worldwild shipping costs with tracking:
x1 steelbook = 15,50€ for EU, 20.30€ for the rest of the world
x2 to 3 steelbooks = 17,55€ for EU, 22.20€ for the rest of the world



Trilogie Dark Knight HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡420€❌SOLD

Man of Steel HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡75€❌SOLD

Wonder Woman HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡100€❌SOLD

Shazam HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡70€

Suicide Squad HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡85€❌SOLD

Aquaman HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡70€

Justice League HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡70€

Batman v Superman HDZeta Double Lenticular 3D ➡130€❌SOLD

Interstellar HDZeta Single Lenticular ➡130€❌SOLD

Gladiator HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡75€

Bumblebee HDZeta Single Lenticular 4K ➡65€

Mad Max Fury Road HDZeta Double Lenticular 4K ➡75€❌SOLD

Edge of Tomorrow HDZeta Double Lenticular 3D ➡75€❌SOLD

Terminator Genisys HDZeta Single Lenticular ➡70€

Terminator Salvation HDZeta Single Lenticular ➡70€


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Manta Lab Single Lenticular ➡65€❌SOLD

Ready Player One Manta Lab FullSlip 4K ➡65€

A Star is Born Manta Lab FullSlip 4K ➡65€

Inglourious Basterds Manta Lab Single Lenticular ➡100€❌SOLD

First Man Manta Lab FullSlip 4K ➡65€

The Revenant Manta Lab Leather FullSlip ➡70€

Dunkirk Manta Lab Single Lenticular 4K ➡65€


Trilogie John Wick Novamedia Lenticular 4K ➡150€

Avengers Novamedia Lenticular 3D ➡ 100€❌SOLD


Venom Filmarena Lenticular XL 4K ➡70€

Spider-Man Far From Home Filmarena Lenticular XL 4K ➡75€❌SOLD

Spider-Man Homecoming Filmarena Fullslip ➡80€ ❌SOLD

Alita Filmarena Double Lenticular XL 4K ➡110€ ❌SOLD

Deadpool Filmarena Lenticular ➡50€

Deadpool 2 Filmarena Double Lenticular XL 4K ➡70€

Blade Runner 2049 Filmarena FullSlip XL ➡70€❌SOLD

Prometheus Filmarena FullSlip XL ➡80€❌SOLD

Alien Covenant Filmarena FullSlip ➡65€


Bohemian Rhapsody Blufans 4K ➡75€❌SOLD

The Incredible Hulk Blufans Lenticular ➡75€

Avengers Age of Ultron Blufans FullSlip ➡120€❌SOLD

Rogue One A Star Wars Story Blufans Double Lenticular ➡95€

Star Wars The Force Awakens Blufans Double Lenticular 3D ➡85€

Star Wars The Last Jedi Blufans Double Lenticular 3D ➡75€


Frozen 2 Fanatic Exclusive Double Lenticular ➡70€


The Hateful Eight KimchiDVD FullSlip ➡70€❌SOLD

Rush KimchiDVD Lenticular ➡35€❌SOLD


Star Wars Rise of Skywalker SMLife FullSlip 4K ➡45€

Solo A Star Wars Story SMLife FullSlip 4K ➡45€

Avengers Endgame SMLife FullSlip 4K ➡45€


Captain Marvel Weet Lenticular 4K ➡65€❌SOLD

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Weet Lenticular 3D ➡65€❌SOLD

Black Panther Weet Lenticular 4K ➡65€

Avengers Infinity War Weet Lenticular 4K ➡65€


Joker U’mania FullSlip 4K ➡65€


Doctor Strange Zavvi 4K ➡️30€

Guardians of the Galaxy Zavvi 4K ➡️30€

Ant-Man Zavvi 4K ➡️30€

Ant-Man and the Wasp Zavvi 4K ➡️30€

Avengers Endgame Zavvi Lenticular 3D ➡️35€


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Jul 22, 2020
Just to confirm our sale of your open/mint TDK 4K SL hdzeta trilogy, payment of €435 inc shipping has now been made via paypal. Thank you
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