Austin Powers Collection on Blu-ray $34.98

Not open for further replies. also alot of 12.99-14.99 that you dont typically see in that price range.

Free shipping on orders over 49.99 going on right now.

I got about 6 titles from them right after xmas, the only thing I got to say is the shipping takes a lil over a week, plus the cases (some) are usually the canadian versions. So you may see a little bit of English and French written on their covers. Its pretty discrete tho.
If if makes you feel any better people really crapped on the PQ of the films :p

I got the copy from amazon a while back but have yet to watch it so I cant testify heh.

I got a steal of a deal tho, $5 :) ... But in actuality, I paid for it, as I get points for my Chase card and I cash them in via their reward site for Amazon gift cards, but I woulda spent the money on that stuff anyways (groceries and such) so I guess I did get it for $5 .. just depends on how you wanna look at it :p
Not open for further replies.