Back to the Future Trilogy - 35th Anniversary (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBooks) [Canada]

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Release date: October 20, 2020
Purchase link: Best
Price: CDN $89.99


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Jul 20, 2016
My favourite movies of all time but the box and the SteelBooks look awful. I'm so disappointed.

The first SteelBook I ever purchased, which is how I learned there was such a thing as SteelBooks, was the Best Buy Back To The Future trilogy SteelBook. Which already used this concept with the DeLorean wrapped around the back.

I just realized that I've been collecting SteelBooks for almost 5 years now.

Wow, has it been that long? Things have certainly changed around here. I remember when this was all farmland as far the eye could see. Old man Peabody owned all of this. He had this crazy idea about breeding pine trees.
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Nov 28, 2014
Best Buy's trilogy steel was always gonna be hard to top. Will probably just be popping the 4K discs into it, rather than another purchase here.
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Jul 20, 2016
Here's an unboxing of the Blu-ray Hoverboard set and the 4K SteelBook set. It also includes his thoughts on the 4K upgrades including the HDR10 and Dolbyvision as well as the Atmos tracks.

The Hoverboard unboxing is first.

Both sets were provided to the reviewer by HDN.

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