Batman: Arkham Asylum Megathread


beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
Batman Arkham Asylum is Eidos' biggest UK All Formats number one since the year 2000 when they released the Who Wants to be a Millionaire video game.

The sales were split in favour of the Xbox 360. Despite the latter's exclusive playable character of The Joker (one of the best features of the game in our opinion), 55 per cent of sales went to the Xbox 360 and 45 per cent to the PlayStation 3 according to numbers provided by Gfk Charttrack.

Then again, this is actually a very close sales split considering the installed base of Microsoft's console is almost twice as high as Sony's PS3 in the region.

Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort drops to second place, with Codemasters' Ashes Cricket 2009 not far behind at third.

Bethesda Softworks new expansion pack for Fallout 3 makes a surprise appearance at number 20.