Horror-Theatrical Beau is Afraid

Really good film. Didn't like the trailers at all and realised during the film that it's pretty much impossible to make an appealing trailer for this film, which is maybe why this film might not do that well at the box office. Enjoed all 3 hours of it and really hope A24 will do one of their deluxe blu ray releases for this one.
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What the hell did I just watch?
It ranges from ingenious during the beginning scenes in the city apartment, to absurd, to plain irritating. I'm too old now to waste weeks trying to make sense of something like Mulholland Dr. which is just a freaking failed TV pilot without an ending.
Parker Posey appears after about 2 hours, and gives you a boost to finish watching the third hour of this mess, which is essentially another Jewish mommy problems moan.
Finally watched this. Not sure if I liked it or not. I honestly didn’t understand it except the fact that him and his mum have some very f**ked up issues with each other. Quite a hard watch at times and some of it is genius filmmaking. It's honestly one of the most head f**k films I’ve seen. I have no issue with long films or slow burners but there was a point during this that it felt like a slog.

I’d still buy a cool version from A24 or even a steel tho