Because what guy doesn't have a 3.5ft poster of Ryan Gosling??

Jan 28, 2014
Solihull, UK
Working on this collection.
Love this film
What a year 2014 was for Drive fans!
IMG_20150107_174510 (1).jpg

Fnac exclusive boxset
Drive Displate (usually lives on the wall, not the bed)
French, UK and German steelbooks

Film is a work of art

You know it's useless, and doesn't work for you
But you just have to buy one...IMG_20140614_235659.jpg

I'm really after the toothpick collection that I keep hearing about in the black box.
I'll pay a lot!
This one: drive.jpg
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Great collection!

Good times ahead with the Nova/FS/BB releases coming up :D
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Cool collection buddy! Definitely a great year to be a Drive collector! :D
Really an awesome collection mate you do like this film alot dont you...
Now I have an urge to get that toothpick collection as well, haha. Wouldn't pay too much for it though. Best of luck man! Great collection.