benzemoi Trade thread

May 30, 2014
Hello everyone , in this moment , i dont have any steel or edition to sell but i search steelbook and collector. Make me your proposition ;)

Search : Anna , Elsa, Olaf blufans edition sealed
Oz blufans lenticular sealed
Riddick Hmv
The Muppet best buy
No pain, no gain zavvi
Walking dead es saison 2 and 3
Drive best buy
Wall-e zavvi
Sleeping Beauty zavvi
Indestructible zavvi
Bug Life zavvi
Ratatouille zavvi

And for collector i search Walking saison 2 zombie head, I Robot sonny head, but my largest research is The disney movie club edition ( sleeping beauty, sword in stone, Aristocats, Dumbo, Bambi ... )

Thanks for your interest and sorry for my bad English ;)
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