Best Buy Avengers "lenticular" steelbooks

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Aug 29, 2010
Just returned from Honolulu on a work assignment at Pearl Harbor. While there I ordered online both versions of Best Buy's Avengers steelbooks, Ultron and Vision, and both were advertised as exclusive lenticular packaging. Upon returning home after 4 months and finally getting the chance to open the Vision copy I realized there was no lenticular at all. I had been led to believe the lenticular was on the back cover of the steel, which was covered by the paper backing so I could not see it. Never did make sense to me that the lent would be on the back, but I bit anyway, and both copies have the "Best Buy exclusive lenticular packaging" sticker. Now I am noticing that none of the copies being sold on eBay mention these as being lenticular versions. So does anyone know just what happened here? I'm confused. Is this a Best Buy blunder or did I just happen to get a copy without the lenticular? Haven't opened the Ultron version yet, but I expect the same results.


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