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Aug 6, 2010
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Just heard from Best Buy Canada! Make sure to check out their Labor Day Online sale!

Starting on September 6, 2015 at 5pm ET until September 8, 2015 at 10AM ET the following titles will be on sale.

Of special note are the Terminator 2 Mondo (not previously reduced) and Chappie.

Chappie BIL - BD/UV Steelbook 19.99
The Equalizer BD FS EXCL Steelbook 19.99
Karate Kid BD Steelbook 9.99
Stripes BD Steelbook 9.99
Das Boot BD Steelbook 9.99
Dawn Planet Apes 3D BD FS EXCL MetalPak 13.95
Robocop BD FS EXCL MTLPK 7.95
Good Day to Die Hard FS Excl. BD Combo 9.95
300: Rise of an Empire BD Steelbook EXCL 7.99
Hangover 2 BDC FS EXL SteelBook 7.99
Hobbit: Battle Five Armies BD FS STLBK 15.99
Into the Storm BD FS EXCL Steelbook 15.99
Live Die Repeat. Edge of Tomorrow BD FS 14.99
The Hobbit Trilogy FS EXCL BD STLBK BLGL 34.99
True Detective BD Mondo Steelbook 32.99
Boyhood BD Mondo X STLBK 14.99
Boyhood BD Mondo X STLBK (variant) 17.99
First Blood BD Mondo X SteelBook 18.99
Terminator 2 Steelbook BD 20.99
Terminator 2 Steelbook Variant BD 24.99
Pan's Labyrinth BD Mondo X STLBK 17.99
Fifty Shades of Grey BDC FS SteelBook 12.99

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