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Aug 27, 2012
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My Fellow Ninjas!! Welcome to my Trade Thread

I am looking to Only Trade Below Titles:

Star Trek 1-X Movie Collection Limited Edition Collector's Edition Amazon UK Exclusive only 5000 made Numbered
Brand New And Sealed
Greatest Showman 1/4 Slip Manta Lab Brand New & Sealed
Avengers Infinity War Blufans Full Slip Brand New & Sealed
Avengers Infinity War Blufans 1/4 Slip Brand New & Sealed
Black Panther Blufans Full Slip Brand New & sealed
Sucker Punch SDCC Steelbook New & Sealed
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blufans OAB Steelbook New & Sealed
The Avengers Blufans Mondo Steelbook Brand New & Sealed (Non Variant) Version
Terminator 2 Mondoi Steelbook Variant Brand New & Sealed
Looper Mondo Steelbook Variant Brand New & Sealed
Coco Blufans Steelbook with Full Slip New & Sealed
Fury Steelbook Future Shop Canada New & Sealed
Captain America The Winter Soldier 3D/2D Steelbook Korea Brand New & SEaled W/Lenti Magnet & Art Cards
V for Vendetta Blu-ray Steelbook [UK] Ultra Limited Edition! Embossed! 1st Release by Zavvi New & Sealed
Shogun Assassin Arrow UK Steelbook New & Sealed
Shaun of the Dead Everything Blu Exclusive Steelbook W/Lenticular Package New & Sealed
Independence Day Steelbook with Full Slip & Five Postcards China Release New & Sealed
Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice NOVA Media Korea Lent New & Sealed
Edward Scissorhands Extended Edition Steelbook UK 1st UK Release New & Sealed
Sin City Digipack Korea Region Free New & Sealed
Fantastic Four FAC Edition 1 Steelbook Film Arena Collection New & Sealed
Free Fire Futurepak Germany (Region B) New & Sealed
Terminator Salvation Kimchi Exclusive Full Slip Steelbook KE 27A1-644/800 New & Sealed
Suicide Squad Steelbook Chinese Release Authentic Comes with Art Cards New & Sealed
Flash Gordon UK Steelbook Open Tiny Dent in the back
Monsters Inc. Zavvi Steelbook Brand New & Sealed

Reservoir Dogs Zavvi Exclusive Steelbook Brand New & Sealed
House of Flying Daggers Steelbook Brand New & Sealed
Independence Day Steelbook Zavvi Brand New & Sealed Plus Custom Lenticular Magnet
to go with it
Bambi Zavvi Steelbook Brand New & Sealed
Tarzan Disney Zavvi Steelbook Brand New & Sealed
Hunch Back of Notre Dame Zavvi Steelbook Brand New & Sealed
High Rise Zavvil Steelbook Brand New & Sealed
I, Robot Zavvi Steelbook 1st Release
Nikita Zavvi Steelbook Brand New & Sealed
Shaolin Soccer Zavvi Steelbook Brand New & Sealed

Ninja Scroll Steelbook Brand New & Sealed UK Release
The Thing Arrow Steelbook Brand New and Sealed

Spaceballs USA Metal Box Brand New & Sealed
North by Northwest Digibook Open in Mint Condition
Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 4 Disc special Edition with Slipcover Blu-Ray (Not Steelbook)
Open in mint condition
Son of Batman Steelbook Target Open in Mint Condition
Pinocchio Slip Cover 2-Disc Platinum Edition Blu-Ray Open in Mint Condition
Bambi Target Digibook Brand New & Sealed
Beauty & The Beast Target Digibook Open in Mint Condition No Digital Copy
Pinocchio Target Digibook Brand New & Sealed
Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Target Digibook Brand New & Sealed
Sucker Punch Best Buy Steelbook Brand New

World War Z (Open/Mint Condition Stored in 4 Sided Kimchi Shell) Taiwan Release
Iron Man DVD Steelbook Open in Mint Condition Taiwan Release
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Open in Mint Condition Taiwan Release
Tangled Kimchi Exclusive Lenticular Version open in mint condition everything included
Sabotage Gold Edition Steelbook Brand New & Sealed German Release
The Da Vinci Code Steelbook (Open Mint) German Release
Jurassic Park Trilogy Jumbo Steelbook (Open but Mint Condition) German Release
Illuminati (Angels & Demons) Digibook Open in Mint Condition with J Card German Release
Iron Man 3 Steelbook Open in Mint Condition German Release
Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters Steelbook (Brand New & Sealed) France Release
Stephen King's It Brand New & Sealed French release

I am open to trades for above. Please let me know if you are interested in any!

My Trade Wants:
(High Wants) will trade with paying extra cash on some items or trade multiple items
Solomon Kane Metalpak Netherlands
Running Scared Metalpak Netherlands
Prince of Persia Ironpack Future Shop Canada
Basic Instinct Zavvi Steelbook

Avengers Age of Ultron Nova Exclusive Slip B
Avengers Age of Ultron Nova Exclusive Magnet Lenti
Wonder Woman HDZETA Double Lenti
Wonder Woman HDZETA Sinlge Lenti
Mad Max HDZETA One Click Empty Box
Reservoir Dogs NOVA One Click Empty Box
Train to Busan Steelbook Steel Archive Korea 1/4 Slip
Rogue One Star Wars Story Target Digipack
Last Jedi Target Digipack
Pacific Rim Uprising Japan Steelbook
Alien Covenant FAC Edition 3
The Rescuers Down Under Zavvi Steelbook
Great Mouse detective Zavvi Steelbook
Halloween II US Steelbook
Halloween III US Steelbook
Streets of Fire US Steelbook
American Ninja 1-4 Steelbooks from Media Market Germany
Howard the Duck German Steelbook
Halloween 2018 4K Steelbook US or German Release
The Dark Half German Mediabook
Graveyard Shift German Mediabook

(High Wants) Upcoming Releases
of the list below:

Captain Marvel Best Buy USA Steelbook
Anaconda 1-4 Box Set UK 88 Films
Night of the Generals (Eureka Classics) UK
Hollow Man/Hollow Man 2 88 Films UK
Children of the Corn US Steelbook
Def-Con 4 Arrow UK
The Annihilators Arrow UK

Other Medium Wants for trade with items listed:

Game of Thrones Season 5 UK Steelbook
The Night Manager Complete Series UK Slipcover
Usual Suspects UK Futurpak/Steel Case
Runaway Train Arrow Video Amaray
Eagle Has Landed UK Steelbook
Hired to Kill Arrow Video UK

My References:

I am an active member on HDN and many of you guys know me through GB's and Trades. Also, My References as per below links:


e-Bay Mainly Only as Buyer taher.tgbahrain

Thanks for Looking!! Please PM me if you have any questions.
*Note: Actual Pictures can be PM'd upon anyone's interest!
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