BioShock Infinite - Pop! Vinyl Series [Funko]


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Nov 4, 2010
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BioShock Infinite - Pop Vinyl Series
Release Date: Oct 2015
Entertainment Earth

  • 62 - Booker DeWitt
  • 63 - Elizabeth
  • 64 - Skyhook Booker
  • 65 - Songbird - 6 inch
bio1.jpeg bio3.jpeg bio2.jpeg Bioshock-Songbird-pop-vinyl-exclusive-game-stop.jpg

GameStop has added some Pops to their list of available pre-orders. These are some of them.

More Info Coming Soon.
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I hate getting ordinary then cool variant comes out, has anyone heard of variants of should I just get ordinary ones of these?

Booker gun or hook? What you think @kaw
@Flash that is IF there are going to be any variants... I haven't heard or seen anything.
I say if its a series you REALLY want. then get them. You can always sell it if there is a different version you like better that comes out.
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