Grey Matter Art Black Friday Mystery Tubes - On Sale Friday at 1 PM ET

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Aug 29, 2011
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Hey, everyone, it's about that time! As the Holidays are slowly approaching, we can't begin to tell you how thrilled we are to announce our 2019 Black Friday Mystery Tube Sale! We have held back some amazing releases this year, as well as dug way back into our archives, and we think this is our best year yet! In addition to sold-out posters, we are also offering sold-out sets, test prints, and signed posters from creators and cast members, as well as other rarities, one of which will be included with every order!

Black Friday Mystery Tubes Go On-Sale Friday, November 29th at 1 PM ET.
  • Q. How many posters will I receive?
  • A. Each tube will come with 4 posters with each one containing either a set, a signed poster, a one of a kind test print, or a sold-out poster from our shop page.
  • Q. If I purchase more than one, will I get doubles?
  • A. No. We will make sure not to put more than one of the same print in either tube and that goes for either a test print, signed print, or sold out poster from our shop.
  • Q. Will there be a limited amount?
  • A. Yes, we only have a limited quantity that will be made up.
  • Q. Can I purchase more than 1 tube at a time?
  • A. Yes. However, you can only purchase 2 tubes per order. If you want more than 2, you will need to go through the checkout process again.
  • Q. Can I purchase a poster together with my mystery Tube?
  • A. All Mystery Tubes are calculated with the shipping of 4 posters per tube, no more! You can inquire about us combining shipping after an additional purchase is made, however, shipping will need to be re-calculated.
  • Q. How long will the sale last?
  • A. The Sale will start on Black Friday, November 29th at 1:00 PM ET. We only have a set amount, so they will sell out fast.
  • Q. When will the orders be shipped?
  • A. We will begin shipping orders out by the week of 12/9 and will do our absolute best to have them in hand in time for the holidays. However, due to the high volume USPS sees during these times, we can not guarantee they will be in hand before.
  • Q. Are all sales final?
  • A. Yes, there will be no refunds, returns, or exchanges. Mystery Tubes will go on sale Friday, November 29th 1:00 PM ET. in the GMA Shop.
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