Mondo Black Panther OST (Complete Score) (Colored Vinyl) (MondoCon)


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2 variants will be available to order on Wednesday Noon CT time

Music by Ludwig Göransson. The complete score for the first time on vinyl. Artwork by Martin Ansin. Housed in a tri-fold Silver Foil jacket. Liner notes by Ludwig Göransson.

Pressed on 3X 180 Gram Silver and Black colored vinyl.

Also available on 3X 180 Gram Black vinyl. $45
Jun 13, 2013
Aw boy that purple variant is sexy. Hovered over the black and silver variant on mondotees but maaaaan that’ll be pricey after U.K. customs have stung me :dunno:
Jun 13, 2013
Limited number of the Mondocon edition available to order:

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