Blade Runner (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. 40) [Hong Kong]

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Release date: November 10, 2021
Purchase links: Box Set - Full Slip - Lenti - Double Lenti (Pre-order on September 10, at 8 PM - Hong Kong time)
Price: $159.97 (Box Set) - $48.99 (Full Slip) - $49.99 (Lenti - Double Lenti)
Group buy: hosted by Aniv Box Set - Full Slip - Lenti - Double Lenti

Note: WEA, Exclusive Steelcase designed by Manta Lab features "Full Glossy" Finish and "Debossed Title".
Box Set: Scratch Resistance Coating, Spot Matte, Spot Glossy, Spot Foil, Embossing. 600 Sets, Numbered 1-600.
Full Slip: Scratch Resistance Coating, Spot Matte, Spot Glossy, Spot Foil, Embossing. 1000 Units, Numbered 1-1000.
Lenticular Full Slip: 3D Lenticular, Spot Matte, Spot Glossy, Embossing. 1000 Units, Numbered 1-1000.
Double Lenticular Full Slip: 3D Lenticular x 2 , Spot Matte, Spot Holo Coating, Embossing. 1000 Units, Numbered 1-1000.
Premiums: Booklet, Postcards, Character Cards, Envelope, Exclusive Numbering Sticker, Exclusive Release Front Sticker, Exclusive Release Lenticular Sticker, Tip On.

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DVD? No thanks.
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Jan 26, 2018
Also shipped. Hopefully it don’t take too long in the Christmas post.
I've noticed an huge increase in delivery times. For example, a bunch of protectors from steelbookcentral, shipped on November 4th, entered Italy on November 23rd :O


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Jan 6, 2015
OC/Box edition is not ready and expected to be ready for shipping by Friday. GB member should expect to see the shipping charges and tracking information updated on the spreadsheet after they have been packed and ready to be dispatched around the same time.


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Jun 30, 2018
It’s super cool what they did with the lettering on the exclusive card. Can not wait to get mine in hand.