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Title: Blood Red Sky

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Action

Director: Peter Thorwarth

Cast: Peri Baumeister, Carl Anton Koch, Kais Setti, Nader Ben-Abdallah, Leonie Brill, Rebecca Dyson-Smith, Nele Kiper, Jacqueline Macaulay, Wolfgang Michael, Rainer Reiners, Ilona Schulz, Petra Michelle Nérette, Roland Møller, Chidi Ajufo, Alexander Scheer

Release: 2021-07-23

Runtime: 121

Plot: A woman with a mysterious illness is forced into action when a group of terrorists attempt to hijack a transatlantic overnight flight. In order to protect her son she will have to reveal a dark secret, and unleash the inner monster she has fought to hide.


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